What we do

Child’s Vision charity supports children who have witnessed or been directly affected by domestic abuse.

1. Providing 1:1 therapeutic support to children individually in their school environment, through 30-minute regular sessions with a qualified and DBS checked member of staff who will be available throughout all of the sessions, to provide the children with consistency and reassurance.

2. Delivering an NSPCC DART programme (Domestic Abuse Recovering Together), that works with Mum’s and their children to help them move forward after experiencing Domestic Abuse. This is run over a 10 week period, of 2 hourly sessions (usually in school), but can be run elsewhere.This programme works with children aged between 7-14years.

3. We also have regular small support groups for children and parents (if need be) to come and forge new relationships with other people that may have similar experiences to them. These groups are informal, relaxed and friendly. Activities and refreshments are provided free.

4. We can now deliver the new Freedom programme for children! The programme can either be presented in small groups or on a 1:1 basis!

5. Child’s Vision now has the rights to run a behavioural programme that is accredited to Kate King!

6. We can now offer Drawing and Talking Support!